Embodying Tai Chi in the Sword by Judith van Drooge

Our guest blog for August is by 
Judith Van Drooge. 

Judith is a very accomplished tai chi instructor whom we have admired for many years, and is particularly known to us for her tai chi sword expertise and passion for sharing. 

We asked her to provide a short, personal article about her feelings and experience of tai chi sword, with some links for you to find out more. The lovely flow of these words is an art in itself, we hope you will enjoy reading and re-reading it as much as we do.

She has practised Yang Lineage Tai Chi Chuan with Luis Molera and Grandmaster William C.C. Chen since 1999, with great pleasure and devotion. Judith is an all-round practitioner who successfully competed in national and international tournaments attaining gold, silver and bronze medals in Forms (weapons), Chi Kung and Push Hands. 

Judith has her own school Inner Touch Tai Chi in Zwolle, the Netherlands and has been a regular teacher at most of the major European Tai Chi events. 

"To embody the principles of Tai Chi, it takes time and dedication."

It becomes acupuncture done by oneself to the self. Tai Chi is a practice for the mind, for health and strength, for any task at any time. 

Today I practice the Sword. 

As my body moves and turns, my sword glides through the air, cutting the air, cleaning, cleansing the air. 

My sword is an extension of my arm. 

My sword gently cuts through the air with grace. 

My eyes penetrate through the air, much further than my sword. 

My eyes are also gentle but clear, sharp and alert at the same time. Like a sleeping tiger, being very aware of my surroundings in the here and now. 

My eyes are softened and radiate love into the world, as if looking into the world from out of my heart. Not only looking forward, but also behind me and on both sides. 

This awareness from looking out of my heart, makes my energy sink in my body. This stabilizes my root system and my legs, which are the fundamental foundation of my base. My body can rest upon the base, where it gets the support it needs to relax; relaxed and ready to go. 

There is a natural spring force generated inside my body structure. This preparation and the support from the earth, make my fingers, or in this case my sword, shoot out in any direction I desire. 

My sword is an extension from my hand, my arm, my heart, my legs, my roots. Moved by my fingers. 

Be still. 

I don’t have to do anything as it is already there. 

Just go! Ready to meet resistance. 

When the body alignment is right, everything is ready and then, the blade will cut sharp and clear. When interfered with, mostly done by the smallest thought, the sword will hit like a baseball bat. 

I remind myself to stay calm; I really don’t have to cut your entire head off, just a papercut is enough.

© Copyright Judith van Drooge 2021. All Rights Reserved

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