Lighthouse Aqua Tai Chi® Antenatal - the benefits for mums-to-be

Lighthouse Aqua Tai Chi® for pregnancy

Real Tai Chi and Qigong in warm water, Lighthouse Aqua Tai Chi® is gentle, low impact, relaxing and mindful and offers all the benefits of tai chi, plus the recognized outcomes of water based exercise. It is on both the NHS website and Netmums

Whether you are continuing exercising or just getting started during your pregnancy our specialised aqua tai chi sessions will give you the gentle workout you need, without the worry of bumping the bump, or adding pressure to aching feet and joints.

Women who participate in aqua exercise during pregnancy experience less physical discomfort and improved mobility in addition for being physically prepared for childbirth. Aqua tai chi is safe at all stages of pregnancy unless your health professional recommends you do not exercise at all.

The water helps to support your posture, to strengthen the core muscles, enhancing the stability of the abdomen and lower back, improving your balance, co-ordination and flexibility, while allowing you to adapt to the changes in your body.

Our unique aqua tai chi experience is the perfect low impact exercise, as the buoyancy of the water allows you to move without aggressing the joints and pelvic floor. The hydrostatic pressure of water helps to reduce swelling and relieve any oedema. It also helps to reduce venous pressure, lowering the risk of developing varicose veins and haemorrhoids, while producing an increase of uterine blood flow, essential to grow a healthy baby and placenta.

During early pregnancy this gentle exercise in warm water will help you to avoid overheating and improve your digestion as the baby grows. You can also keep going after the baby is born, and it’s a great way to meet other people who can give you encouragement and support.

At our sessions, there is soothing background music to encourage relaxation and the professional instructors are mature, supportive and experienced, using gentle motivation and encouragement. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and non-competitive.

Accessible for all levels of fitness and to non-swimmers or people who are less confident in water. The sessions also help to build confidence in the water, leading to confidence and fitness to engage in other fitness activities and encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle.
What to wear? Sports swimwear not bikinis or sunbathing suits. We also recommend aqua shoes and a swim jacket if you are prone to feel cool in water. These items are not expensive. 

For your privacy, spectators are not permitted at the sessions.

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