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Lighthouse Tai Chi® Spring Newsletter 2022

Spring Newsletter 2022   Welcome to our new format Lighthouse Newsletter Thank you for your continued support and interest in Lighthouse. We hope you will enjoy this season’s content and updates. To stop receiving emails from us, please email the word ‘stop’ to In this edition Home Practise Videos in our Video Club & our online shop Summer Tai Chi in the Park - Dates & Locations May Holidays - Wedding & Jubilee For weekly class information, please visit our website at Lighthouse Video Club Our unique online library of tai chi and qigong videos will help you practice at home. Short, full flow films that you can pause, review and watch anytime to support your class learning are available for just £5 per month at Join the video club tier to get unlimited access to all the videos. More will be added this summer as we get a chance to film outdoors again. Your membership helps to pay for the new c